NICE or not?

In case you’ve been living in a home with no electricity, phone, internet and TV for a hilarious Channel 4 reality experiment, NICE (that’s the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) just issued a new set of guidelines onĀ caesareanĀ birth. It covers all aspects of caesareans from a medical perspective and has lots of good stuff in it, like this recommendation about early skin-to-skin contact: “Early skin-to-skin... Read More

Trusting instinct over technology: The Hackney Doula in the Guardian

Those of you who’ve read about my feelings towards the Contraction Master iphone app won’t be surprised that I’m writing about technology and birth again. Have a peek at today’s Guardian G2, or look here to find out more. Tweet Read More

How to be a positive birth partner. Part 2: during

Ok, so you’ve done your homework, read about how to prepare here and have helped your partner to feel excited and happy about the upcoming birth. Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back, a large chocolate muffin and wait for the fun to really start. Here are some ideas for ways to be a positive partner when labour stuff starts to happen. 1. At the first sign of labour take a big deep breath and remind yourself that you are the guardian of... Read More

Care for a little salt with that madam?

Ok, if you’re feeling squeamish or perhaps are in that green and wobbly stage of early pregnancy it may be time to look away. Go for a walk, smell some fresh laundry and come back later when I’m writing about something other than eating, distilling and encapsulating placentas. I will freely admit that until I started to look in to this for a couple I’m working with I hadn’t really given it much thought, other than ‘ewww’... Read More

It ain’t over ’till it’s over

Hands up if, before you were pregnant/had a baby, you didn’t even realise there was a third stage of labour… You have some contractions, do a bit of pushing, you have a baby, you’re all finished, right? Well not quite. There is of course the matter of the placenta – that amazing organ that connects the umbilical cord to the wall of the uterus and sustains your baby until he’s ready to make a grand entrance. As... Read More

TENS: friend or foe

If you are worried about coping with the sensations of labour, adding electric shocks in to the mix may seem like torture rather than relief! Nevertheless many women find TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) very helpful – particularly in early labour. Little pads stuck on your back deliver small electric shocks on to your skin. You can control the strength of these by twiddling a dial (or pressing a button if you’ve... Read More

Look in to my eyes…

I’m back at the computer after a few days showing off my nearly six month old daughter to my home town of Birmingham. As Birmingham is now suitably in awe of my small future Nobel prize winner/young musician of the year/masterchef/brain surgeon/astronaut/champion knitter etc etc, I’ve returned to London and put back on my Doula hat (albeit slightly covered in dribble and baby lotion). For me, when thinking about my impending labour,... Read More

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