A ‘good’ birth

Beauty is very much in the eye of the woman with the bump/baby when it comes to birthing. Get ready to put your fingers in your ears, shout ‘ la la la la la’ at the top of your voice when well-meaning friends and family give you advice or judge your decisions. Sure, you’ll want to read up on your choices, have a detailed understanding of your options, the risks and benefits of each, talk to your partner and care provider and... Read More

Second time around

Of late I’ve been contacted by quite a few women planning their second birth after a traumatic first birth. After a difficult first labour many women are keen to ensure that the second time round things are different. Hiring a doula is a great first step towards this. She will be able to talk through your birth plan with you in detail, help you debrief from your first birth and understand the things that made your previous experience... Read More

Reading between the lines: baby books

Baby books…there’s nothing so guaranteed to cause an argument at baby group. Some are devote follows of one particular school of thought, others think another ‘method’ set out in a weighty tome is the ONLY way to raise a happy, healthy baby who sleeps through the night, never cries, feeds well and can complete a rubik’s cube aged two. There are of course many mothers who think baby books are the work of the devil... Read More

Our house is a very, very fine house (and I like to give birth in it thanks very much)

Homebirth. I’ve known people turn pale at the very thought, while others just wouldn’t consider being anywhere else for one of the most important days of their lives. While it’s not for everyone, if you do feel you might be more comfortable at home it is definitely worth finding out a bit more. I’m currently on call for a home water birth and it’s really exciting to be part of one family’s preparations for... Read More

Look in to my eyes…

I’m back at the computer after a few days showing off my nearly six month old daughter to my home town of Birmingham. As Birmingham is now suitably in awe of my small future Nobel prize winner/young musician of the year/masterchef/brain surgeon/astronaut/champion knitter etc etc, I’ve returned to London and put back on my Doula hat (albeit slightly covered in dribble and baby lotion). For me, when thinking about my impending labour,... Read More

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