NCT Pregnancy and Birth evening in Whitstable

This Sunday (the 24th June 2012) while I’m frantically bubblewrapping my birth pools and gently stuffing Ina May, Michel Odent and Janet Balaskas in packing cases, the Canterbury and District branch of the NCT are hosting a free and fab-sounding preganncy and birth evening. From 7-9pm All Saints Church Hall in Whitstable (over in my new East Kent neck of the woods don’t you know) will play host to midwives, doulas, antenatal teachers,... Read More

Minimal Baby: The Hackney Doula in the Guardian

I learn most useful things from couples I work with and decided to share one big lesson in this week’s Guardian G2. Want to know more about attachment parenting? How to get by without a buggy or a cot? Intrigued by co-sleeping or just plain skint? Find out more about how to have a minimal baby here. Tweet Read More

Babywearing survey

I just filled in a survey about babywearing – whether you carry or not, you can fill it in here and have a chance to win a mei tai carrier. Well, I rather hope I win it actually… It’s something I’ve written about it before and probably will again.As well as enjoying carrying my 19 month old I love introducing people I work with to just how easy it makes life when you can tie your baby on to you and suddenly have both hands... Read More

Birth pool to hire

If you are thinking about a homebirth in East Kent, it’s worth knowing that I have two professional-grade Birth Pool in a Box to hire out. You’ll get a brand-new, sterile liner delivered along with my pool, the thing to blow it up and the thing to take the water out afterwards. You will need to get your own hose and tap connector, but I’ll nag you about that often so you won’t forget. If you’d like to buy your own I... Read More

Express yourself

Somehow the words ‘breast pump’ have developed the most amazing resonant qualities. Try entering a party and saying them, just slightly above normal volume and I can guarantee heads will turn with a mixture of horror, fascination and incredulity. When pregnant I found that if someone (usually male) wanted to be really ‘hilarious’ and outrageous when discussing the baby experience, they’d eventually say something... Read More

Birth in water: the hows and the whys

As I type this I’m looking wistfully at my rather lovely La Bassine birth pool, bought in anticipation of my own home water birth. Due to a labour that progressed rather faster than we realised (and an incident that will go unreported involving someone never to be named filling the pool with cold water) I never actually got in my pool and delivered my daughter on dry land. But, if I am ever lucky enough to have another go, I will be blowing... Read More

Hold me close never let me go

Why don’t newborns understand that sometimes we need to put some washing on, make some lunch (eat some Ben and Jerry’s) and generally do something that requires both hands? The theory goes that the first three months after birth are really akin to a final trimester of pregnancy. Human babies have huge heads in comparison to our pelvis and therefore, much as they’d like to hang out in the womb for a bit longer, they need to... Read More

The Hackney Doula

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