What happens next? Birth and beyond

I really love this birth video (courtesy of MyBirthTV again). It shows a very calm, yet active, birth at home. I think the gentle sigh as the baby emerges is quite beautiful (soppy doula that I am). I also think it’s really useful in terms of what happens next. I tend to talk about this quite a bit with my couples so that they are aware of what will or might happen after the baby is born. It’s quite easy to forget that there are still... Read More

Birth stories: read all about it

Over the coming months I hope to add more and more stories of London births I’ve attended. Some will be from my perspective, others from the mother and father’s, but each is shared with their permission to encourage, inspire and reassure mothers and fathers to be. Anna and Paul’s homebirth First time parents whose speedy birth took us across London (via Mothercare) Juliet and James’ homebirth First time parents who planned a home water birth... Read More

You spin me right round baby right round

Most babies, knowing that it usually makes it easier for them and us, take up a position facing your spine, or slightly to the right, with their heads pointing down before or during the birth process. Some little tinkers like to keep you guessing until the last minute by choppng and changing (particularly with second/third/fourth etc. babies who usually engage later than first babies), while others take up a different position resolutely from... Read More

Jump around! Just what is active birth?

Giving birth is a bit like dieting. Everyone knows the basic theory (eat less, exercise more – have contractions, do some pushing) but there’s a huge industry, shrouded in mystique and an often devout following who will swear there’s only one way to do it (drink only kumquat juice – give birth standing on your head). Don’t listen to the gurus – you’re the expert in your body. Some people want to be in... Read More

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