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You can read some of what I write about pregnancy, birth, babies, women’s rights and more here on my blog and via my  Twitter and Facebook pages.

My book, All That Matters: Women’s Rights in Childbirth was published as part of the Guardian Shorts series on 20/02/15 and the New Statesman reckons it is an ‘important book’. I’m now working on a book for Pinter and Martin as part of their ‘Why It Matters’ series, due for publication in September 2016.

I also write freelance on pregnancy, birth and parenting topics for a range of publications including:

The Guardian, The Independent, Vice, The Pool, Pregnancy and Birth Magazine, Mother and Baby Magazine, Practical Parenting Magazine, NCT Magazine, International Journal of Birth and Parent Education

I have written front-page guest blog posts for a range of parenting websites including: Mumsnet, Babyworld, Huffington Post, Babycentre, Dr and Daughter, The Baba Blog 

I am represented by the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency.

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi Rebecca, I have read your comments on the report on Kirkup. I note that the other 3 commentators also called for Trusts to have more women & families (or that awful word ‘service user’) involvement. I am a community midwife whose Trust wants to bring in nursing uniforms for those of us that work in the community, disregarding the evidence of uniforms as psychological barriers etc. Their reason is to get us to comply with the corporate image. Our MSLC did a quick staw poll of 40 local Mums and took this to the meeting with HOM who dismissed their evidence also. I wonder what your take is on these issues? 1. disregarding a thorough evidence base particularly with reference to vulnerable women in our care. 2. dismissing the input of the local parents on the MSLC. Our local Childrens Centre manager also objects but has not yet had a reply to his comments..
    Many thanks

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