Antenatal classes

I think everyone needs a bit of antenatal preparation – whether it’s your first, second or fifth pregnancy. I offer one-to-one antenatal preparation in your home in Kent as well as in East London and occasional group classes in Margate

Group Birth and Parenting Preparation Weekend: 23-24 April

This weekend is perfect for first time parents and there are residential options for those coming from further afield. Find out more here.

My antenatal sessions

You can direct the content, length and number of sessions and we’ll talk via phone and email to put together a programme that works for you and your birth partner. Topics can include:

  • debriefing previous births
  • learning about the physiological process of birth: what helps and what hinders
  • discovering positions for labour and birth, active birth techniques and following your instinct
  • techniques for coping with labour
  • relaxation strategies
  • finding out what makes the woman feel relaxed and safe in everyday situations
  • thinking about how your partner can support you
  • working through any anxieties and talking through your hopes
  • exploring your birth preferences and writing a birth plan
  • learning about how to communicate with and get good information from your midwives or doctors
  • practicalities
  • breastfeeding
  • babywearing/slings

Here’s what Ana had to say about the session we did before baby Oliver’s birth:

“Having left it too late to book Rebecca to be our doula, she very kindly agreed to do an antenatal session with us. We already have one daughter, and we’d already done an NCT course a couple of years ago, but we wanted the birth of our son to be a different, more positive experience. Rebecca talked us through our birthing plan and made some helpful suggestions of things that we hadn’t thought to include. I also found particullarly helpful the relaxation and breathing techniques that she showed us. In the end baby Oliver made an unexpectedly speedy arrival, and caught us still at home. Rebecca’s antenatal session gave me the confidence to trust what my body was doing instinctivly, and to not panic when it became apparent that my husband was going to have to deliver the baby himself, with a little bit of help from the 999 operator! I don’t think I could have stayed so calm and relaxed if we hadn’t had the antenatal session with Rebecca. My only regret is not to have found her earlier so she could have been been there to support us during the birth itself… maybe next time!”

If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch to discuss your needs. I don’t have a standard fee for these sessions as length/number are directed by you.

Group Classes

There are lots of good options in Hackney (and indeed across London), including my own, individual sessions.

My favourite group class is Jessica James’ active birth yoga, couples classes and postnatal group in Stoke Newington (N16). Another brilliant class is run by Bridget Baker in London Fields (E8). Homerton hospital runs free antenatal classes and there’s the eponymous NCT antenatal classes, which can be great or not so great depending on who is running them.

For first-timers I think a group class is usually a really great idea. A chance to explore things in detail over a number of weeks and make a network of ready-made friends who will be at exactly the same stage as you.

In East Kent you’ll want to get in touch with who can let you know about classes in the area.


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