Birth stories

Over the coming months I hope to add more and more stories of  births I’ve attended. Some will be from my perspective, others from the mother and father’s, but each is shared with their permission to encourage, inspire and reassure mothers and fathers to be.

Blessedly, wonderfully straightforward’: the birth of P

Anne’s second birth helps her feel more confident as a mother

Overcoming a traumatic birth, the ‘die-hard cynic’, Helen’s story

In which Helen of Troy (of Broadstairs) has her proudest moment

Arlo finally put in an appearance by Clare

Clare tells of her, rather large, second baby’s birth at home in Whitstable. Contains swearing.

Katie and Ollie’s homebirth by Katie

First-time parents planning a homebirth with the new Whipps Cross team

Jennymay and Lawrence’s homebirth by Jennymay

Jen tells the story of Jim’s birth

Jennymay and Lawrence’s homebirth by Lawrence

A father tells his son’s birth story

The birth of M, by Louise

Louise and Robert’s homebirth, for their second baby, took us all by surprise!

Anna and Paul’s homebirth

First time parents whose speedy birth took us across London (via Mothercare)

Juliet and James’ homebirth

First time parents who planned a home water birth (with a few staffing issues on the way!)

The birth of baby T

A long labour with first time parents J and S who planned a home water birth.

The birth of baby A

A slow start and a fast ending with second time parents Y and S who planned to give birth in Homerton Hospital’s birth centre.

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