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Every couple is different and if you decide to work with me we’ll work together to plan how you’d like me to be involved in your baby’s birth. Bearing that in mind, below is a sense of how I can support you through pregnancy and beyond.

Before the birth
I’ll meet you and your partner (if you have one, they aren’t compulsory!) at least twice. These are usually two to three hour sessions for which you set the agenda and I’ll make suggestions. Topics often include:

  • debriefing previous births
  • learning about the physiological process of birth: what helps and what hinders
  • finding out what makes the woman feel relaxed and safe in everyday situations
  • discussing techniques to cope with the sensations of labour
  • thinking about how your partner can support you
  • working through any anxieties and talking through your hopes
  • exploring your birth preferences
  • learning about how to communicate with and get good information from your midwives or doctors
  • practicalities

I’m also available by phone and email at any time during your pregnancy and have a library of books, CDs, DVDs and baby kit that I am happy to lend. I can also offer hire of a birth pool if you are planning a homebirth.

During your birth
I’ll join you whenever you feel you need me and will usually accompany you from home to hospital or arrive before you call the midwives to a homebirth.

My role will depend on how you feel on the day. I’ll fill whatever gap exists at the time be it on the practical side (getting bags together, reminding you to eat and drink, calling taxis, filling birth pools, letting midwives in), directly supporting you with unobtrusive encouragement, physical support, breathing with you and/or reassuring your partner, giving them suggestions and reminding them to take a breather every now and then.

I’ll stay with you until after your baby is born, helping promote a safe and undisturbed space for you to bond, encouraging you during your first feeding session, helping you have the best shower/bath of your life, making tea and snacks and generally making sure you are happy, comfortable and confident before I leave.

After your birth
I’ll return at least twice to see you. These visits are useful to talk through your birth, discuss feeding and sleeping, try out slings, get help with any bits and bobs you aren’t sure of, moan about your relatives/visitors and most importantly have someone make you a sandwich and a cuppa.

I’m also always available on the phone or by email until you no longer need me.

If this sounds like it might be right for you and you live in Kent or London,¬†get in touch and I’ll arrange to pop over so we can talk more.

I also offer private antenatal sessions, if you want an alternative birth preparation than standard hospital or NCT classes.

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