What is a doula?

It’s someone like me who offers emotional and practical support to couples and single parents before, during and after the birth of their baby.

Some doulas mainly work postnatally, some (like me) focus mainly on being a birth doula and others do a bit of both.

Find out more about the work of doulas my looking at my blog and more about my birth doula service here.

Which areas do you cover?

Broadly speaking; Kent and East London.

I moved out of London in summer 2012 but am still supporting births in accessible London areas with a close colleague to refer others to. I am still offering one-to-one antenatal session in East and North London from Hackney, Bow, Wapping, Victoria Park and Stoke Newington to Finsbury Park and Walthamstow.

I now also offer my birth doula services, antenatal sessions and birth pool hire across Kent, particularly East Kent from Canterbury, Dover and Deal to Sandwich, Ramsgate, Margate and Whitstable.

I’d like a doula but want to find others/am in a different area to you. Where can I look?
Take a look at the Doula UK website to find doulas near you.

Have you had any training?
Yes, I have completed Nurturing Birth’s ‘Birth and Postnatal Doula’ course and have completed the Doula UK recognition process. I also enjoy supplementing this with study days on a variety of topics.

How much do you charge?
As every couple is different do get in touch to discuss your needs and I can give you an idea of my charges.

What sort of births do you support?
Any sort of birth! From hospital to homebirth, drug-free to epidural and caesareans.

How many couples do you work with at any one time?
I usually only support one couple every four weeks to ensure I am 100% available for their ‘on call’ period. Sometimes I do work with a second couple but only with another doula to act as a back up in case of a clash. I’d always let you know if I was working with a couple already so you could make a decision about whether this was right for you.

Are you able to help with breastfeeding?
While I’m not a breastfeeding counsellor I’m doing some peer supporter training with ABM and am accustomed to working with mothers and babies in those first hours and weeks to establish breastfeeding. I also know lots of local breastfeeding resources and ensure everyone I work with who plans to breastfeed has access to these resources.

Do you run antenatal classes even if we aren’t planning on having a doula?
Have a look here for some information about some great group classes in London and East Kent. I do run private preparation sessions if that’s what you are after so do get in touch to find out moreĀ about antenatal support.

I can’t afford a doula but would really like the support. What can I do?
Get in touch and let me know more. If I can’t help I may know someone who can and can also point you in the direction of Doula UK’s hardship fund.

Can you provide references?
Yes! And do take a look at my testimonials page.

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