The return of The Hackney Doula: New Birth Trauma Services

You’ll no doubt have been sobbing in to your smart phones for months, bereft by the lack of posting on this blog. I can only apologise and blame my own late pregnancy listlessness and now four month old son for my lack of time to type (or, let’s face it, think).

I am, however, beginning to emerge from my postnatal daze and while wiping the slightly milky cobwebs from my eyes I’ve been doing some thinking. So, later this year I’ll be getting back in to the doula saddle but with a bit of a difference. Recently I’ve found myself working more and more regularly with women who’ve experienced a previously traumatic birth or who have other anxieties/trauma that relate to childbirth. It has been hugely rewarding to learn from these women and their partners and see them go on to have a really positive second (or third) birth – whatever that means to them. I have also had more and more requests from women who don’t plan to have a doula but want to prepare themselves before birth with some sessions to help move on from birth trauma and look forward to a more positive experience this time round.

I’ve also focused my own learning of late in this area with a brilliant workshop by Penny Simkin on ‘When Survivors Give Birth’, birth art training and a hell of a lot of reading. It’s been so interesting and useful that I’m planning more study in this area over the coming months.

So, I’ll be changing how I work to provide dedicated support to those women and their partners who I feel really passionate about working with and who I know can get a lot from the right support. I’ll be offering some new services including:

  • bespoke doula service and antenatal preparation for women with birth trauma or who have had a previously traumatic birth. From September 2014 onwards.
  • tailored, private, antenatal sessions (one-off or a series) for moving on from birth trauma and/or preparing for a positive second birth. Available to book now.
  • group classes/support groups (depending on interest) for those dealing with birth trauma. Register your interest now.

Here’s what Sam from London had to say about  an antenatal session I did for her and her partner:

“I felt so uplifted after our session, a lot of crap and baggage from years ago starting to shift away, not what I expected at all- but then I didn’t expect to react in the way I did to talking about birth!!  You gave me permission to stop beating myself up about how I felt about it, which was the biggest step forward in being able to let go. And quite apart from that, you made me feel empowered and ready for this next labour.  I realised during our exercises how ‘in’ this with me my partner is –  it was hugely bonding for us, and we’re both so excited about the birth.  We’re looking forward to implementing all the little tools and tips you gave us.  We just wish we could have you actually there- but I can’t have it all!!”

Get in touch with me to find out more. I’ll be updating the website with more details as soon as the baby will let me.


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