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My artistic skills have always been fairly limited. Limited, that is, to slightly squiffy looking stick men and the odd collage of a long-forgotten boy band on my school ‘rough book’. I distinctly remember my art teacher sniggering gently when I, in a moment of madness, suggested that I might take GCSE art.

Nevertheless, I’ve finally forgiven the artistic establishment for tossing me aside like a broken pencil and spent the past few weeks enjoying a course in birth art process, given (via the wonders of modern technology) by the legendary American birth educator Pam England.

Her book, Birthing from Within, is a very different and inspiring take on how to prepare for childbirth and I use some of the exercises with couples I’m working with if it feels right. Almost by accident, as is always the way with brilliant ideas, she discovered that making art as part of birth preparation classes gave people a freedom to find something different, raised new questions, offered deeper insights and always gave something meaningful to the couples she was working with.

As part of the course I’m going to be working with a few clients over the coming weeks to work on leading them into the birth art process. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes and what we’re all learning.

In the meantime I’m off to practice my stick men – how do you make them look pregnant?!

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