Birthrights launching today

As you’ll know if you’ve followed this blog for a while, I’m really interested in women’s human rights during childbirth.

Last year I met an inspirational human rights barrister, Elizabeth Prochaska, who helped make this woman’s right to give birth at home a reality. In May I went to the Hague with Elizabeth and realised that my work as a doula is just a continuation of all I cared about and believed in while studying and working in the human rights world.

I was honoured  and excited to be asked to co-chair Birthrights, the UK’s only organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting respect for women’s rights during pregnancy and birth. Today sees the launch of Birthrights so tonight I’ll be with many key figures from the maternity services (from the RCM, to RCOG,  Doula UK, RCP to NCT, AIMS and IMUK) talking about how this issue is at the heart of many of the difficulties women face within the maternity services.

Speaking in a press release today Elizabeth said:

“as a barrister specialising in human rights my own experience of pregnancy and birth made me aware that our rights in childbirth are often forgotten, particularly when women are in vulnerable groups. Birthrights will seek to tackle this, forging close relationships with midwives, doctors and their professional bodies to promote and protect these rights. Our newly launched website also provides clear and easy to understand information for women and their partners to ensure they are aware of their rights and know how to ensure they are respected. The law is very clear on many issues that women and their caregivers are currently facing. We will use it as a powerful tool for change.”

Birthrights needs your support. So if you feel strongly about these issues like I do, please support us either with a donation, by joining our mailing list or by offering your time or expertise.


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