Whipps Cross Homebirth service resumed!

I’m leaving this post up for historical purposes, but the most up-to-date information about the Whipps homebirth team can be found here.


I’m getting lots of google traffic from people searching for information on the Whipps Cross homebirth service so wanted to post all I know about the current situation here.

1. Whipps have committed to offering a continuous homebirth service and have done so publicly in the Waltham Forest Guardian. Their statement is very clear:

“[We] are committed to offering all women in the local area the best possible choice of how and where they give birth.

“We have been working together to find a way to offer a home birth service during the next four weeks. Safety is our priority, and we did have some concerns about staffing levels over this period.

“However, by working together, the hospital and NHS ONEL are now able to bring in independent midwives for this limited period, until the hospital’s Home Birth Service team is in place.

“This means those women who asked for a home birth in the next four weeks can have one. We have always been committed to developing the Home Birth Service and to ensuring we provide high quality, safe and consistent services to all women.”

2. While their own staffing remains an issue at least 6 women have now been provided with an Independent Midwife to cover their care and ensure they have their homebirth. One of my clients is in this number and has been contacted by an IM so this is definitely happening.

3. The IMs will be fully paid for by the hospital cost at no expense to the expectant parent(s).

4. If you are planning a homebirth via Whipps in the next couple of months you’ll want to investigate how to have this arranged by speaking to your midwife and, if she isn’t aware of the situation, speaking to the senior consultant midwife.

5. The hospital are now committed to doing this (and have been threatened with legal action if they don’t) so there should be no problems obtaining an IM until their normal service resumes. If there are any difficulties then please contact AIMS who have full details of the previous legal action and can direct you to the appropriate channels.

6. Enjoy your homebirth!

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