Homebirth debate: The Hackney Doula on the gogglebox

So, I ummed and ahhed about whether to post this. It seems a bit vain to post a video of yourself and lightly embarrassing when you consider my first-timer classic errors of looking at the wrong camera and waving my arms like a loon.

However, I decided there were some good points in there and you might all forgive me my moments of idiocy in light of trying to correct some mis-interpretations of the Birthplace study and myths about birth in general.

Be kind people – this is me on Sky News last week:







7 Responses to “Homebirth debate: The Hackney Doula on the gogglebox”
  1. Lottie says:

    I thought you were great! You sounded very authoritative :)) However, the other woman really annoyed me, “the risk / likelihood of transferring to hospital for a first time mum cancels out even trying to have a home birth in the first place”… grrrr… Birth is unpredictable, we all know this, but it’s good to TRY to have the birth you want and then take it as it comes…
    A first time mum who homebirthed (planned) even though she was sure she’d end up having to transfer!

  2. So glad you decided to post this since I hadn’t seen it and feel much better for having done so (despite my blood pressure rising when the doctor spouted on about the journey down the birth path being the most dangerous we all make in our lives)! You were brilliant and very inspiring.

    I run a home birth support group for local families and do find that many women report that they transfered into hospital during labour or soon afterwards for varying reasons (usually with the midwives erring on the side of caution). However, the mums found that the time spent labouring at home was very special to them and that they didn’t regret their decision to plan to birth at home.

    Claire x

  3. Natalie says:

    Rebecca! Become an MP! Or a Doctor – you’re amazing. So composed and news-reader esque. Well done x

  4. Victoria Keenan says:

    You did really well! I think the female newsreader was on your side! That ruddy doctor wound me right up – with her smug face and her ’10 cm journey down the birth canal’ (There was me thinking that 10 cms related to cervical dilation….)

    She didn’t qualify any of her fear mongering statements by referring to the study and I particularly loved her comments about how we haven’t evolved to birth our babies!!!! (HELLO, we aren’t malnourished in the poverty stricken 1800’s and suffering from rickets any more!)

    I am fuming. Of course the study would cover only low risk mother’s birthing at home – it is good practice that when special circumstances are highlighted during pregnancy where and mum and baby will NEED medical intervention that they be in hospital! That’s why birthing in England is so safe, because we have wonderful midwife led care where these problems can be identified ahead of time.

    I could be here all night ranting about other things she said that I disagree with, but I am going to turn in for the night (probably tossing and turning because I’m so annoyed!)

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Lauren says:

    Rebecca, you were great! Well done!

  6. Tortie says:

    really pleased that you posted this- what a great spokewoman for ‘the Doula’- really professional and perfectly clear- and glad you had your facts straight where the other woman clearly didn’t! She was annoying and sounded feeble in her arguemant compared to you! well done!

    From a soon to be qualified doula, and mother of 1, who birthed at home and had a fantastic birth experience.

  7. Kate says:

    Rebecca, you were great! Clear, concise and definitely not a loon!

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