Birth pool to hire

If you are thinking about a homebirth in East Kent, it’s worth knowing that I have two professional-grade Birth Pool in a Box to hire out. You’ll get a brand-new, sterile liner delivered along with my pool, the thing to blow it up and the thing to take the water out afterwards. You will need to get your own hose and tap connector, but I’ll nag you about that often so you won’t forget.

If you’d like to buy your own I can pass on a 10% discount I have at the Good Birth Company.

I am pretty proficient in pool-assembly, but if you’re planning a waterbirth it is always a good idea for you and your birth partner to do a practice run with the pool in advance. Nothing worse than being incapable of inflating the thing during labour!

Get in touch to find out more about hiring my pool in East Kent, or to talk about homebirth or waterbirth in general.

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