Our house is a very, very fine house (and I like to give birth in it thanks very much)

Homebirth. I’ve known people turn pale at the very thought, while others just wouldn’t consider being anywhere else for one of the most important days of their lives. While it’s not for everyone, if you do feel you might be more comfortable at home it is definitely worth finding out a bit more.

I’m currently on call for a home water birth and it’s really exciting to be part of one family’s preparations for welcoming their new little person straight in to their home. We’re discussing everything from plastic sheeting and old towels (a must) to which music they’d like to listen to and what food they would like to tuck in to whilst tucked up on their sofa with their new baby.

If homebirth is something you’ve thought about take a look at the homebirth reference site, which has lots of information on the how, whys and wherefores of giving birth at home.

It also helps dispel a few myths, e.g.

  • you can have a first baby at home
  • no-one can tell you you aren’t allow a homebirth (though there may be certain situations when you feel that you’d like to take a recommendation to have a  hospital birth)
  • it’s not usually terribly messy if you’ve prepared a bit in advance
  • a homebirth isn’t an unassisted birth; you’ll have two highly trained midwives attending dedicated to your care. They bring a huge amount of equipment too!

Though hospital birth has become the norm, homebirths are getting more and more popular. Do ask your midwife for more information on homebirths in your area. Oh and I’ll be talking more about homebirths over the coming weeks.

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