You spin me right round baby right round

Most babies, knowing that it usually makes it easier for them and us, take up a position facing your spine, or slightly to the right, with their heads pointing down before or during the birth process.

Some little tinkers like to keep you guessing until the last minute by choppng and changing (particularly with second/third/fourth etc. babies who usually engage later than first babies), while others take up a different position resolutely from 30 weeks and refuse to budge. These positions include back-to-back (where baby’s spine is against yours) or breech (where the head is upper-most and the bottom or feet present first).

If you’ve got a little tinker in your tummy who isn’t responding to your daily cries of, ‘for Pete’s sake turn round’, take a look at the Spinning Babies site. It has lots of tips for positions you can take up to encourage your baby in to an ‘optimal’ position. Expect your partner/friends to think you’ve lost the plot as you scurry around on all fours with your bottom waving proudly from side to side.

In general try to avoid too much sitting down, leaning back, with your feet up in the third trimester. I know, I know – that’s the only position you feel comfortable in, but try and alternate between sitting on a birthing ball, propping yourself up straight with cushions and lying on your side to get some rest. This leaning back/feet up position encourages your little person to sink in to a spine to spine presentation.

If you have a stubborn little dear who just likes the view better a non-traditional way round don’t panic. There are lots of horror stories about how painful ‘back-to-back’ labours are, but in reality the freedom to move and change position not only eases the discomfort in your back but also encourages your baby to turn whilst in labour – which the vast, vast majority of these back-to-back babies do.

Breech babies are most usually born by caesarean section as many NHS midwives aren’t experienced in breech birth. However, if you are interested in finding out more about birthing your breech baby vaginally it can be possible. Take a look at this AIMS article , this piece by Mary Cronk and their booklet Breech Birth, What Are My Options?

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