Reading up

I have recently worked with a woman who, for the first time ever, had more amazing books up her sleeve than I did. Thankfully I’ve found the source: her friend and reading guru Jessica Stanley. Jessica’s curated a brilliant reading list for new parents (or indeed those of us who’ve been round the block a bit). From birth stories, to working out what kind of parent you want to be, understanding your baby and what’s it’s actually like to become a parent... Read More

All That Matters: Exclusive Extract

I had such a great review of my new short book: All That Matters: Women’s Rights in Childbirth on The New Statesman today that I’m celebrating with an exclusive extract below. This is the start of a section focusing on the struggles of Indigenous Australians to give birth ‘on country’. For the bigger picture and the references get your copy here, with 10% of the royalties going to Birthrights. A Lonely Machine Michaelis lives in the remote Indigenous... Read More

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