Trusting instinct over technology: The Hackney Doula in the Guardian

Those of you who’ve read about my feelings towards the Contraction Master iphone app won’t be surprised that I’m writing about technology and birth again. Have a peek at today’s Guardian G2, or look here to find out more. Tweet Read More

How to be a positive birth partner. Part 3: after

Wow, well that was… just wow. One minute she was pregnant and the next there was another little person in the room. Everything in the universe shifted up a bit and settled itself down a bit to the left to make room for this tiny VIP. And then, after a moment of calm, this brave new world began in earnest. Those first few minutes, hours, days and weeks are amazing and stretching. It can be hard to know what to do to help and tricky not to feel a little excluded at times.... Read More

The Hackney Doula

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