How to be a positive birth partner. Part 2: during

Ok, so you’ve done your homework, read about how to prepare here and have helped your partner to feel excited and happy about the upcoming birth. Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back, a large chocolate muffin and wait for the fun to really start. Here are some ideas for ways to be a positive partner when labour stuff starts to happen. 1. At the first sign of labour take a big deep breath and remind yourself that you are the guardian of calm, gentle excitement and conservation... Read More

Hackney Doula Free Event

I’m running an event with the lovely people at Born in Stoke Newington on 3rd July from 6-8pm. It’s all about giving birth in Hackney. More details here. There will be (free) wine, coffee and tea and a chance to talk about: – local maternity services (where are the good rooms, the quiet stairs for induction-stomping, protocol etc) – Homerton’s new homebirth team and service – local pregnancy/birth/baby resources (good acupuncturist, where to... Read More

How to be a positive birth partner. Part 1: before

So, there’s a bump growing ever-visible. You’re assured there’s a baby in there (though most of the time it feels completely unreal) and at some point you know it has to come out. How the hell are you going to help? TV and films are deeply unhelpful in terms of the partner’s role. He stands there shouting ” remember to breathe” or “push” at an increasingly irate woman with a look of panic/horror on his face. Occasionally he  just... Read More

When in Rome/London walk like an Egyptian

As a child I remember an almost paralysing fear of being caught breaking any rules. I once spent a good 15 minutes silently head-down, kicking about having fallen in to a large recycling bin. I did this rather than shout for help and alert teachers to the fact I was in the technology lab when I shouldn’t be. Most of my life I’ve stuck steadfast to the rules and, as an adult, I’ve always enjoyed driving my husband mad by insisting we don’t even transgress... Read More

Birth pool to hire

If you are thinking about a homebirth in East Kent, it’s worth knowing that I have two professional-grade Birth Pool in a Box to hire out. You’ll get a brand-new, sterile liner delivered along with my pool, the thing to blow it up and the thing to take the water out afterwards. You will need to get your own hose and tap connector, but I’ll nag you about that often so you won’t forget. If you’d like to buy your own I can pass on a 10% discount I have... Read More

What do you do again? What a doula is and isn’t…

Most people know I’m a doula and those that don’t do a very good job of hiding their surprise/total incomprehension. But sometimes I wonder how many people really know what a doula really is? What a doula isn’t: I don’t replace or make redundant the birth partner I don’t replace the midwife or doctor I’m not a ‘natural’ or ‘drug-free’ birth nut I don’t have a specific birth plan in mind for my clients I don’t... Read More

What happens next? Birth and beyond

I really love this birth video (courtesy of MyBirthTV again). It shows a very calm, yet active, birth at home. I think the gentle sigh as the baby emerges is quite beautiful (soppy doula that I am). I also think it’s really useful in terms of what happens next. I tend to talk about this quite a bit with my couples so that they are aware of what will or might happen after the baby is born. It’s quite easy to forget that there are still things to do after the baby arrives!                   Tweet Read More

Private antenatal sessions in Kent and London

If you are looking for some one-on-one antenatal sessions in East Kent (from Thanet to Canterbury and further afield), Hackney or other parts of London, are a bit too shy or busy to commit to a longer, group course, find they are all booked up or have already had a baby, I’m happy to offer some private birth preparation sessions in your own home at a time to suit you. My antenatal sessions You can direct the content, length and number of sessions and we’ll talk via phone... Read More

Birth stories: read all about it

Over the coming months I hope to add more and more stories of London births I’ve attended. Some will be from my perspective, others from the mother and father’s, but each is shared with their permission to encourage, inspire and reassure mothers and fathers to be. Anna and Paul’s homebirth First time parents whose speedy birth took us across London (via Mothercare) Juliet and James’ homebirth First time parents who planned a home water birth (with a few staffing issues... Read More

Confessions of a doula: I am a TV addict

Ok, I’ll confess, I do love a good birth video. I store them up like a little treat and never fail to be moved by the fantabulousness of womens’ bodies. So I am very excited to have discovered ‘My birth TV’ and its YouTubechannel. It has loads of birth videos, tips and information and is an all-round brilliant pregnancy resource. I really liked this waterbirth video in which a third time mother overcomes her fears to have a very peaceful birth at home. ... Read More

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