You spin me right round baby right round

Most babies, knowing that it usually makes it easier for them and us, take up a position facing your spine, or slightly to the right, with their heads pointing down before or during the birth process. Some little tinkers like to keep you guessing until the last minute by choppng and changing (particularly with second/third/fourth etc. babies who usually engage later than first babies), while others take up a different position resolutely from 30 weeks and refuse to budge.... Read More

Second time around

Of late I’ve been contacted by quite a few women planning their second birth after a traumatic first birth. After a difficult first labour many women are keen to ensure that the second time round things are different. Hiring a doula is a great first step towards this. She will be able to talk through your birth plan with you in detail, help you debrief from your first birth and understand the things that made your previous experience difficult for you. She’ll... Read More

New website coming soon!

Bear with me, my swizzy new site will be up and running soon. In the meantime you can find my old, slightly wonky site and blog at Or you could email me at or call 07793084945 for information about my birth doula services. Or you could send a carrier pigeon which might be more efficient. Tweet Read More

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