A dedicated follower of fashion

Apparently, according to the UK media, doulas are becoming ‘fashionable’. A recent article referred to us as ‘the latest fashion accessory’ and I’ve actually tracked down one piece with the rather nifty title: ‘Mothers with Moola Must Have a Doula’. There is a part of me that does a little dance of joy, clicks my heels together and shouts ‘wahey!’ when I hear this. I mean, if there’s a choice of having a really... Read More

One saucepan at a time

One of my favourite DVDs to show to homebirthing couples (indeed to anyone). Best bit has to be dad filling the birthpool with saucepans. I used to think this was ridiculous but now that I’ve filled four birth pools using only buckets I realise the extenuating circumstances that can lead to this.* * Don’t try this at home kids – it’s a hell of a lot of buckets and flaming millions of saucepans. Tweet Read More

Express yourself

Somehow the words ‘breast pump’ have developed the most amazing resonant qualities. Try entering a party and saying them, just slightly above normal volume and I can guarantee heads will turn with a mixture of horror, fascination and incredulity. When pregnant I found that if someone (usually male) wanted to be really ‘hilarious’ and outrageous when discussing the baby experience, they’d eventually say something like ‘yeah, once minute... Read More

A ‘good’ birth

Beauty is very much in the eye of the woman with the bump/baby when it comes to birthing. Get ready to put your fingers in your ears, shout ‘ la la la la la’ at the top of your voice when well-meaning friends and family give you advice or judge your decisions. Sure, you’ll want to read up on your choices, have a detailed understanding of your options, the risks and benefits of each, talk to your partner and care provider and have everything at your disposal... Read More

Care for a little salt with that madam?

Ok, if you’re feeling squeamish or perhaps are in that green and wobbly stage of early pregnancy it may be time to look away. Go for a walk, smell some fresh laundry and come back later when I’m writing about something other than eating, distilling and encapsulating placentas. I will freely admit that until I started to look in to this for a couple I’m working with I hadn’t really given it much thought, other than ‘ewww’ when someone... Read More

Beautiful black and white birth video found!

A while ago I lost the video of the lovely french lady who had a joyful birth. It was one of my favourite birth videos – despite her lying on her back and a bit too much busy-ness and bright lights, she is such a radiantly happy birthing women. A mother-to-be that I’m working with has sleuthed and found her again here.  She is beaming and birthing at 3 mins 50 seconds! All the videos are from a French birth centre in the 1970s. Ok, again there are too many ... Read More

Once more into the breech

You’ve bought your little dear the latest travel system, maxed out your cards on a luxurious bed nest and invested in a beautiful woven wrap to carry him in. How does he thank you? By deciding to turn the ‘wrong way round’ towards the end of your pregnancy. Brilliant! Never fear, all is far from lost. Take a deep breath and read on to find out more about what you can do to encourage your little one to perform a flip and your options should he really been... Read More

Pencils at the ready

My artistic skills have always been fairly limited. Limited, that is, to slightly squiffy looking stick men and the odd collage of a long-forgotten boy band on my school ‘rough book’. I distinctly remember my art teacher sniggering gently when I, in a moment of madness, suggested that I might take GCSE art. Nevertheless, I’ve finally forgiven the artistic establishment for tossing me aside like a broken pencil and spent the past few weeks enjoying a course... Read More

Confessions of a doula: contraction master app makes me want to scream

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it. I HATE the contraction master website and iphone app (there is deliberately no link here). Every time I hear of someone using it I have an almost uncontrollable urge to go on a worldwide rampage destroying each and every iphone and grinding them down ’till they are nothing but dust. And breathe. Why does the idea of these meticulously accurate contraction timers drive me to a rage blackout? Well, it’s not because... Read More

The natural caesarean

It may sound like a contradiction or even (should you have recently dusted off your GCSE English textbook, an oxymoron) but, if you are planning a caesarean for any reason, you may want to think about ways you can make it a more gentle entry in to the world for your baby. Smith, Plaat and Fisk (when not busy being characters in Dicken’s undiscovered masterpiece A Tale of Three Obstetricians) have been pioneering what they call a ‘woman-centred’ approach... Read More

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