Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter

Thanks to my brilliant publishers Pinter and Martin, my new book, Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter, was published on 15 September. It’s been incredibly exciting to hear that midwives in Powys got together to read and discuss the issues, that several copies are circulating in a number of labour wards across the country and that women in Australia, Canada, Finland and America... Read More

Birth and Parenting Preparation Weekend: 22-23 April 2016

Due to popular demand I’m going to be running an antenatal preparation workshop in our lovely Margate holiday house on the weekend of April 23rd 2016. Based on the popular private sessions I run, this workshop is aimed at first time parents whatever their birth plans or parenting style is. We’ll get together in a cosy cottage by the seaside for two days. There will... Read More

#SaveAsha: Australian Off-Shore Detention Threatens Baby’s Life

Is Tony Abbott (the Australian prime minister) a robot? Taking his inhumanity to new levels Abbott is in the process of returning infants to the horrors of Nauru island; the government-run detention centre that increasingly sounds like the seventh circle of hell. Described by a veteran nurse as akin to “a concentration camp”, Nauru is dogged by ongoing allegations of rape... Read More

Reading up

I have recently worked with a woman who, for the first time ever, had more amazing books up her sleeve than I did. Thankfully I’ve found the source: her friend and reading guru Jessica Stanley. Jessica’s curated a brilliant reading list for new parents (or indeed those of us who’ve been round the block a bit). From birth stories, to working out what kind of parent... Read More

All That Matters: Exclusive Extract

I had such a great review of my new short book: All That Matters: Women’s Rights in Childbirth on The New Statesman today that I’m celebrating with an exclusive extract below. This is the start of a section focusing on the struggles of Indigenous Australians to give birth ‘on country’. For the bigger picture and the references get your copy here, with 10%... Read More

My Book All That Matters Out 20/02/15

I’ve been very busy tapping away over the past six months and this Friday 20th February sees the publication of my book: All That Matters, Women’s Rights in Childbirth. Published as part of the Guardian Shorts series, it’s a short, sharp, shock of an ebook that distills a lot of what I feel passionate about in to 25,000 words. According to my editor, this is what... Read More

Kate’s good birth

I’ll admit this is entirely speculation. I have no idea what has been going on inside the Lindo Wing for the last 36 hours and it is good that I don’t know. Very few people, Romola Garai excepted, want the world’s media to have knowledge of the state of their post-partum perineum. However on careful viewing of the footage of Kate emerging 27-ish hours after birth,... Read More

Simulating labour: weird or wonderful?

There’s been lots of media buzz of late about men keen to get a slice of the birthing action going through a ‘simulated labour’ in Holland. You can see a couple of Dutch guys giving it a try here and watch a little of Henry McKean’s 2 hour 15 minute ‘birth’ here. So, what do we think about this. Media stunt? Definitely! An attempt to understand... Read More

Birthrights launching today

As you’ll know if you’ve followed this blog for a while, I’m really interested in women’s human rights during childbirth. Last year I met an inspirational human rights barrister, Elizabeth Prochaska, who helped make this woman’s right to give birth at home a reality. In May I went to the Hague with Elizabeth and realised that my work as a doula is just... Read More

Big babies: “I can probably do anything I ever wanted to do in the universe ever”

I’ve treated this birth story to its own blog post as I love it so much. Everything about it reminds me why I love my job. Wonderful Clare, who did the birthing and the scribing, is my first Whitstable client. We didn’t meet until a couple of weeks before her estimated due date but (and I fear for the sake of both of our livers) it is clearly going to be a long acquaintance.  If... Read More

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