What happens next? Birth and beyond

I really love this birth video (courtesy of MyBirthTV again). It shows a very calm, yet active, birth at home. I think the gentle sigh as the baby emerges is quite beautiful (soppy doula that I am). I also think it’s really useful in terms of what happens next. I tend to talk about this quite a bit with my couples so that they are aware of what will or might happen after the... Read More

Confessions of a doula: I am a TV addict

Ok, I’ll confess, I do love a good birth video. I store them up like a little treat and never fail to be moved by the fantabulousness of womens’ bodies. So I am very excited to have discovered¬†‘My birth TV’ and its¬†YouTubechannel. It has loads of birth videos, tips and information and is an all-round brilliant pregnancy resource. I really liked this waterbirth... Read More

One saucepan at a time

One of my favourite DVDs to show to homebirthing couples (indeed to anyone). Best bit has to be dad filling the birthpool with saucepans. I used to think this was ridiculous but now that I’ve filled four birth pools using only buckets I realise the extenuating circumstances that can lead to this.* * Don’t try this at home kids – it’s a hell of a lot of... Read More

Beautiful black and white birth video found!

A while ago I lost the video of the lovely french lady who had a joyful birth. It was one of my favourite birth videos – despite her lying on her back and a bit too much busy-ness and bright lights, she is such a radiantly happy birthing women. A mother-to-be that I’m working with has sleuthed and found her again here.¬† She is beaming and birthing at 3 mins 50... Read More

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