Dark side of The Baby Show: The Hackney Doula in The Huffington Post

I’ve ┬ácome over all foot-stampy in today’s piece for The Huffington Post. You can read more about The Baby Show’s links to the arms trade and the concerns over their chosen speakers here.   Tweet Read More

Minimal Baby: The Hackney Doula in the Guardian

I learn most useful things from couples I work with and decided to share one big lesson in this week’s Guardian G2. Want to know more about attachment parenting? How to get by without a buggy or a cot? Intrigued by co-sleeping or just plain skint? Find out more about how to have a minimal baby here. Tweet Read More

How to be a positive birth partner. Part 3: after

Wow, well that was… just wow. One minute she was pregnant and the next there was another little person in the room. Everything in the universe shifted up a bit and settled itself down a bit to the left to make room for this tiny VIP. And then, after a moment of calm, this brave new world began in earnest. Those first few minutes, hours, days and weeks are amazing and stretching.... Read More

Freedom! Breastfeeding in public

It can be nerve-wracking feeding your new baby in public for the first time. I’ve never been on the red carpet myself, but had geared myself up for a similar reaction to Kiera Knightly descending from her limo on my first attempt. Of course, in the end, it was rather a let down (if you’ll accept the pun). No-one batted an eyelid or in fact actually noticed I was doing... Read More

Express yourself

Somehow the words ‘breast pump’ have developed the most amazing resonant qualities. Try entering a party and saying them, just slightly above normal volume and I can guarantee heads will turn with a mixture of horror, fascination and incredulity. When pregnant I found that if someone (usually male) wanted to be really ‘hilarious’ and outrageous when... Read More

Hold me close never let me go

Why don’t newborns understand that sometimes we need to put some washing on, make some lunch (eat some Ben and Jerry’s) and generally do something that requires both hands? The theory goes that the first three months after birth are really akin to a final trimester of pregnancy. Human babies have huge heads in comparison to our pelvis and therefore, much as they’d... Read More

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