Dear Mr Anaesthetist

On Wednesday night I made a new friend on twitter. Whilst broadcasting both of our, rather different, thoughts on the Channel 4 documentary One Born Every Minute, an anaesthetist and I collided across our respective wi-fi’s. You can read our discussion here (look out for @welsh_gas_doc). I’ve had similar conversations before in the real world. They generally start off... Read More

How to be a positive birth partner. Part 2: during

Ok, so you’ve done your homework, read about how to prepare here and have helped your partner to feel excited and happy about the upcoming birth. Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back, a large chocolate muffin and wait for the fun to really start. Here are some ideas for ways to be a positive partner when labour stuff starts to happen. 1. At the first sign of labour take... Read More

How to be a positive birth partner. Part 1: before

So, there’s a bump growing ever-visible. You’re assured there’s a baby in there (though most of the time it feels completely unreal) and at some point you know it has to come out. How the hell are you going to help? TV and films are deeply unhelpful in terms of the partner’s role. He stands there shouting ” remember to breathe” or “push”... Read More

Birth stories: read all about it

Over the coming months I hope to add more and more stories of London births I’ve attended. Some will be from my perspective, others from the mother and father’s, but each is shared with their permission to encourage, inspire and reassure mothers and fathers to be. Anna and Paul’s homebirth First time parents whose speedy birth took us across London (via Mothercare) Juliet... Read More

Beautiful black and white birth video found!

A while ago I lost the video of the lovely french lady who had a joyful birth. It was one of my favourite birth videos – despite her lying on her back and a bit too much busy-ness and bright lights, she is such a radiantly happy birthing women. A mother-to-be that I’m working with has sleuthed and found her again here.  She is beaming and birthing at 3 mins 50... Read More

Confessions of a doula: contraction master app makes me want to scream

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it. I HATE the contraction master website and iphone app (there is deliberately no link here). Every time I hear of someone using it I have an almost uncontrollable urge to go on a worldwide rampage destroying each and every iphone and grinding them down ’till they are nothing but dust. And breathe. Why does the idea of these... Read More

You spin me right round baby right round

Most babies, knowing that it usually makes it easier for them and us, take up a position facing your spine, or slightly to the right, with their heads pointing down before or during the birth process. Some little tinkers like to keep you guessing until the last minute by choppng and changing (particularly with second/third/fourth etc. babies who usually engage later than first... Read More

TENS: friend or foe

If you are worried about coping with the sensations of labour, adding electric shocks in to the mix may seem like torture rather than relief! Nevertheless many women find TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) very helpful – particularly in early labour. Little pads stuck on your back deliver small electric shocks on to your skin. You can control the strength... Read More

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