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I’m very excited about the talented Katey Jean Harvey‘s new illustration for me. Everyone loved her humorous take on birth pools and I hope you’ll feel the same about this new version. Postcards coming soon! Tweet

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I'm a birth doula covering east London and Kent: all the way from Hackney to Ramsgate and in between. I write the blog below to give you a whole load of useful info about pregnancy, birth and babies.

I offer birth and antenatal support in easily accesible parts of London (Hackney and Islington in particular) with a colleague supporting those I can't and, now that I've moved to Thanet, I'm happy to travel across Kent too.

So whether you're in Canterbury, Whitstable, Ashford, Broadstairs, Dover, Walthamstow or Hackney I hope you'll stick around to read some birth stories, testimonials or FAQs to see whether I might be the right sort of doula for you.

Tools and Tips

Lessons in co-sleeping

Once upon a time there was a very tired new mother. She didn’t know much about newborns, but if she knew one thing it was that it was VERY important not to let them sleep in your bed in case something terrible happened. Her tiny daughter had other ideas and screamed as if she was […]

You know you’re a doula when…

It’s World Doula Week this week. Funny how it seems to roll around about every five months. At the moment time passes by at the speed of a parent with a child-free 30 minutes and a week’s worth of chores to do. My children are turning, in moments, from tiny newborns to great hulking creatures […]

The return of The Hackney Doula: New Birth Trauma Services

You’ll no doubt have been sobbing in to your smart phones for months, bereft by the lack of posting on this blog. I can only apologise and blame my own late pregnancy listlessness and now four month old son for my lack of time to type (or, let’s face it, think). I am, however, beginning […]

Kate’s good birth

I’ll admit this is entirely┬áspeculation. I have no idea what has been going on inside the Lindo Wing for the last 36 hours and it is good that I don’t know. Very few people, Romola Garai excepted, want the world’s media to have knowledge of the state of their post-partum perineum. However on careful viewing […]

Hackney Doula in the Guardian: Breastfeeding ‘cat fight’

If you didn’t catch it last week, here is a link to my latest piece for the Guardian on National Breastfeeding Week. Tweet

I am a big fan of the brilliant Hackney Homebirth Support group so when I moved to Ramsgate this summer I hunted for something similar. Unable to find it I decided to start my own group, joining 150 other such groups around the UK to offer independent and informal support to all those interested in […]

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